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About Us

Our Story

Reaksiyon Kimya; Paint and construction sector in 2003 with the initiative of experienced names in the sector, ink, plastic, concrete and gypsum chemicals quickly took place in the sector. Representative and partner companies are best represented in our country, while partial exports and neighboring countries also help with raw materials.

It is developing trade relations with Europe and mostly Far Eastern countries. The main raw materials and auxiliary chemicals needed by the chemical industry are provided to the customers with proforma or from warehouse sales methods.

With its professional AR-GE team, which has high knowledge and experience, it is producing various projects in production. Significant investments in the R & D field have taken an active role in the growth process of our company. In addition to standard product production, special studies are carried out according to the applications of the customers. This solution focuses on top-level service quality with a focused production-development approach.

We present our wax-based water repellent raw material products sector with powder polycarboxylate that we have produced for concrete, building and plaster companies which is the first in Turkey. We also produce epoxy hardeners, water-based pigment pastes, dispersing agents, modified cellulose ethers and wax-based water repellents. Besides organic pigments, solvent and solvent free epoxy resins, acrylic resins and hardeners, foam cutters; Paint, construction and gypsum chemistry.

Reaksiyon Kimya has adopted a fast and high quality service approach with the awareness that making difference makes companies successful. Our company has become a customer-supplier relationship with many customers, team members and solution partners. This understanding enables the supplier-employee-customer chain to move together for a long time.


It provides quality service to its customers by expanding its product portfolio as well as the raw materials it manufactures and sells.


It is our goal to reduce Turkey’s external dependency in this sector by increasing the production volume with the importance given to R & D studies.